And So It Begins …

So, this is my first proper post on here! *cue celebratory music and streams of confetti*

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at blogging and also vlogging, so I guess there’s no time like the present to start doing so. My mind keeps trying to put me off this idea by telling me that my life isn’t interesting or fun enough to blog/vlog about. Well, maybe having a regular blog to write in might actually encourage me to say yes to more exciting opportunities in order to make my life more bloggable (yes, I know that technically isn’t a word, but whatever!).

Anyway, now on to the introductory phase:


Oh look, there’s me!

Name: Lauren.

Age: 19

From: Northern Ireland, UK

Likes: Books, attractive men, life-ruining TV shows, food, traveling and taking wayyy too many pictures.

What you’ll most likely see on this blog: My daily thoughts and ramblings, maybe some book/movie reviews, my traveling adventures, lots of fangirling about many different things and just basically tons of random stuff.

So, that’s me. Nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy my blogging/occasional vlogging and feel free to follow me here and/or at any of my other links 🙂