Dancing With Strangers and North Coast Adventures

Hey, everybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!)

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who read/liked my first ever post on here. I didn’t expect to get any likes or comments this early on, so it really boosted my motivation to keep on blogging. Also, thank you to all you lovely people who decided to follow me, I really hope you guys enjoy my blog!

This past weekend was a total blast and I have some fun stories to share. On Friday morning, I went to meet my friend Mary at the station.

Mary is an awesome lass from London who has come over to Northern Ireland (where I live) to study in Queen’s University, Belfast. Along with her intelligence and prettiness, she’s also tons of fun and I had such a great weekend with her.

So, I met up with her on Friday morning at the station – after getting myself a Gingerbread Latte in Costa (my first of the season!) – and instantly gave her a huge hug. I hadn’t seen her since June, so it was just great to see her again. I love seeing people after long periods of time, it just makes the time you spend together even more special and memorable.

After leaving some stuff off at my house we then headed to do some touristy things at the Giant’s Causeway. I only live 2 miles away from this world heritage site, so we got to enjoy some abeautiful scenery on our way to the visitor’s centre.

When we arrived at the Giant’s Causeway, we proceeded to take lots of pictures (Mary’s were particularly breathtaking especially with the perfect lighting we had). Even though I’d been to the Giant’s Causeway a few times before, it was still fun walking around and exploring with someone who’d never been before.

As we got out onto the stones, I decided not to go too far onto them as I’m an extremely clumsy person and I’m hardly steady enough on solid ground, not to mention horrendous when rock climbing. So, I took some pictures of the waves whilst Mary soldiered on without me.

At one point, I’d thought I’d lost her. With no signal on my phone, I was freaking out a little. Then I spotted her quite far out on the stones. Panic over, I later found out that she’d actually had a bit of a shock herself. Whilst standing out on the far rocks nearest the sea, a particularly big wave crashed onto the rocks she was standing on, soaking a few unlucky tourists. Thankfully, only Mary’s shoes got wet.

The sun began to set and we reunited before beginning a tough trek back up to the visitor’s centre. This was the moment when I realised just how out of shape I am. I really need to get back into an exercise routine sometime soon. Anyway, once we finally got up to the centre, we discovered that it was past 5pm, which meant it was closed. We both had a mini freakout – which involved Mary banging on the glass doors with her fists trying to get the attention of staff inside – before noticing the large arched exit leading to the car park. Facepalm.01f631181f10a368b0d34c592f7d28029ef9c08210

Our north coast adventure continued when we arrived in Portstewart an hour later. Since we’d both hardly eaten all day, we were glad to finally sit down in a little cafe called The Sizzlin Sausage and have something to eat. I ordered some chips with gravy and Mary ordered a chicken burger with chips. As we sat there sipping our cokes, Mary came out with possibly the funniest line of the weekend, ‘I’ll sizzle your sausage’. I think I laughed for a straight minute afterwards. I’m a huge fan of innuendos after all.

I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten ice-cream at nighttime in 3°C weather by the sea, but that’s exactly what Mary and I did after leaving the cafe. We got our ice-creams at what many say is the best ice-cream parlour in Northern Ireland – Morellis. It was such a refreshing experience, just sitting there eating ice-cream in the freezing cold acting and looking like mad women but we totally rocked it.

018eb759be1d9dc2d85167d864b4ab4fb53a4085dcMary stayed the night in my house and we took a train the next day down to Belfast where I stayed in her student accommodation. I learnt a few things during my time in Belfast this weekend:

  1. Mary is a great cook (regardless of the pasta carbonara fail story).
  2. Uni life is awesome and I’m so jealous.
  3. Belfast is actually very pretty (especially at night).
  4. Take every opportunity to let go and have fun.

I’ll explain that last one. Mary took me to a superhero-themed cocktail bar on Saturday night called Love and Death. It was actually so cool. They had a cocktail menu designed like a comic book. Anyway, we were sitting drinking our cocktails – Mary had a Hulk Smash which I much preferred to my Pappy Valiente – and it was kinda early so it was super quiet. All of a sudden, two girls came in. They’d obviously had a bit to drink before arriving, but they weren’t completely drunk. I guess I can only describe these girls like this: you know those kinds of people who can just have so much innocent fun and liven up an otherwise dreary room? They were exactly like that. They were just having so much fun, dancing like fools and singing at the top of their lungs and it was just so infectious that eventually Mary and I just had to join in.

A few years ago, I would’ve never done that. I would’ve rather ran away and hid. My anxiety would’ve hit the roof and I would’ve been terrified of either being rejected or looking like a freak. But that night I was able to just let it all go and have fun. I think that’s such an important thing to do sometimes. Some of my best memories are of times when I just let all the anxiety and stress and feelings melt away to reveal someone who just wanted to be happy and have fun and make memories. That’s the person I was on Saturday night. The me I so desperately wanted to be.

The girls welcomed us onto the dancefloor with open arms and we had so much fun dancing like idiots and even the DJ IMG_0294seemed to liven up. It just goes to show how contagious positivity, fun and even happiness are.

I find that these are the moments we most remember in life. Those moments when we just forgot all about the bad shit happening in the world and in our lives and focused on the here and now. I guess that can be my little message for today: keep your eyes open every day and make sure you take every single opportunity to be happy or have fun during your day. Even if it’s something small. Even if it’s just for a second. Don’t let any ounce of happiness pass you by.

The night went on after we left and we ended up at a local karaoke bar where Mary and I sang a duet of Carry on My Wayward Son. Which, if you don’t know, is a popular song among the Supernatural fandom. Yes, I am a huge fan of that show and I’m beyond proud and happy that the show is airing its 200th episode tonight. It’s incredible and I can’t wait to see it.

Botanic Gardens

Sadly, the weekend had to end sometime. On Sunday morning, we went for a walk around Botanic Gardens which is just incredibly pretty. After that, it was time for me to head home. All in all, I had a brilliant weekend and I can’t wait to see Mary again soon.

So, thank you guys again for all the likes, follows and comments. Hope you enjoyed this and I’ll write again soon!

Until next time.