My ‘Happy Box’

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to talk about a cute idea I discovered on YouTube a while back. There’s a certain YouTuber called Laura who I’ve been a fan of for quite some time. She does videos on a whole range of topics relating to mental illness. Laura herself has suffered with Bipolar Disorder, Self-Harm and eating disorders in the past and is now in recovery. In one of her videos, she talked about her ‘crisis/emergency’ box. That’s what inspired me to start my own ‘crisis’ box which I refer to as my ‘happy box’ instead.IMG_6032.JPG

Basically, the idea of the box is to fill it with stuff that will help you when you’re feeling shitty or anxious or tempted to self-harm. It’s basically a brilliant distraction technique to kind of get you through those tough moments when all you want to do is breakdown.

I’m hoping to get a bigger, better box soon and fill it with more stuff but for now, it’s just an empty perfume box. At first, I filled the box with face masks, hot chocolate sachets, those little straws that turn your milk chocolate-y and a pack of tissues. Basically a few things that would distract me from my feelings, but also make me feel better.

Even if you don’t have a mental illness, we all have those times when we feel down and out and just wanna scream at the world. I think this is a great idea for everyone regardless of your situation. Just find a box and fill it with things that make you happy/calm you down.

Here are a few more ideas of what you can add:

  • Photos of people you love.
  • A stress ball.
  • Chocolate/Sweets/Candy.
  • Some reassuring quotes written on squares of coloured card.
  • Nail polish.
  • Temporary tattoos.
  • Bouncy ball.
  • A DVD of a comedy movie.
  • A small notebook to scribble in or write your feelings in.
  • Your favourite scented candle.

Anyway, let me know if you find this idea helpful and also if you have anymore ideas of what to put in it!

Until next time. Keep calm and be happy.


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