Music Monday #1 – Blank Space Music Video

Hello and welcome to my first Music Monday where every Monday I plan to make at least one post about my latest favourite songs/music videos/albums.

This week, I really wanna talk about the current Queen of Pop’s latest music video:

Yes. Taylor Swift recently released the music video for her new single ‘Blank Space’. It’s been a week since it premiered on YouTube and it already has over 45million views.

I’ve been ~Swiftie~ since 2008, so it’s been weird to see her turn her career around so dramatically over the past few years. From a cutesie country singer with uncontrollably curly hair to a feisty young pop star, she’s definitely changed a lot over the years. What hasn’t changed, though, is her wicked sense of humour as we see in this music video.

This definitely has to be one of my all time favourite music videos, though. I just love how Taylor has the ability to make fun of herself. She’s frequently portrayed as a sort of man-eater by the media thanks to her many failed relationships. Despite the criticism, it’s good to see that she maintains an awesome sense of humour about it all.

Also, her co-star in the video (Andrea Denver) is insanely attractive. Plus, along with the appearance of a cat, a fancy car (Shelby AC Cobra), some really nice dresses and two white horses this music video is definitely a combination of an overly-dramatic depiction of Taylor’s love-life along with some really nice scenes and cinematography.

In conclusion, I love the video. You should go check it out. It’s amazing and so is Taylor.

Other music-y things:

  • I’m a little addicted to Taylor’s new album (1989). My favourite songs from it being ‘Wonderland’ ‘Wildest Dreams’ and ‘Clean’.
  • The BandAid 30 song and video were released this weekend. Proceeds go to the global fight against Ebola.

Until next time. ‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you’.


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