Every Cloud …

Hey, guys.

In this post, I wanna talk about something I was told today. I went to an Occupational Therapist for personal stuff which I’ll eventually discuss on here, but not today. Anyway, she was super nice even though I was in a horrible mood and was acting like a little bitch. I suppose I should give you an idea of the issues I was seeing her for, so that you’ll understand a little more. Depression and anxiety. Two issues which have made my everyday life these past few years incredibly difficult. But, as I said, I’m not going to discuss it in detail in today’s post. I’m just not up for it yet.

So, after she’d asked tons of questions that I’d answered many times before to many different professionals, she then stopped and said something that really hit me hard and made me gain a new perspective on my problems. I had told her that one of my long-term goals was to help people in any way I possibly can, but particularly people going through similar issues to myself. That’s when she said something along the lines of: Look at it this way; you can choose to see your mental illnesses as the worst thing in the world. You can see them as things that have ruined your life beyond repair. You can even choose to just give up. But, that’s not your only choice. You can choose to fight it. You can choose to tell yourself that someday, you’ll have gained the life experience to be able to help people who are going through the same struggles as your are. You can get through it and eventually go on to help other people and maybe even save their lives because you understand. And to be understood is one of the most underrated things when it comes to mental illnesses. To be understood is like the first step to beginning to see that light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel.

I guess what I took from her words is that you can choose to focus on just the bad things about your mental illness (or any problems you may be going through), or you can try and find that silver-lining. Even if it’s small. I’m not saying this makes any issues you may have less horrible or less important, but it may make them easier to cope with sometimes. If we find some positive in our negatives to hold onto, it may help us get through them.

It all comes back to a Chinese philosophy I always try to remind myself of. Yin-Yang is the belief that there is bad in the good, but also good in the bad. For instance, shadow cannot exist without light. Or, my mental illnesses are difficult, but they also make me a better person by giving me the ability to empathize with other people in my position.

I really hope this made sense and you guys see where I’m coming from. The OT’s words really made an impression on me today, and I wanted to share it. She’s also encouraged me to end any journal entries/blog entries on a positive note. So, I guess one positive thing about today is that it’s a Friday! Also, if you’re in the UK, Children in Need starts soon on BBC1. Make sure to donate! 😀

Until next time. Be good to yourself.


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